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Private Driver VTC in Marseille: Airport, Train Station, Port, Beaches, Water Parks, Business, Weddings, Tourism.
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Your driver speaks: English, Spanish, Arabic, and has basic knowledge of Russian.

Mon VTC Marseille guarantees you a quality service for a serene arrival at your destination. We adapt to your needs and offer you tailor-made private driver transportation services in Marseille and throughout the region. We are at your service 24/7.”


70 per hour

We always ensure to maintain a high level of quality for all our private driver transportation services in Marseille. You can thus enjoy this unique moment to relax. Booking a private driver with Mon VTC Marseille means choosing a reliable partner !

Private Driver in Marseille 1 to 4 Passengers

  • Entertainment Screens
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Tourist Brochures
  • Baby Seat / Child Booster
  • First Aid Kit
  • Disinfection Products
  • Umbrellas
  • Oral Automatic Translator
  • Pet Transportation
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Private Driver Services in Marseille 24/7

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Punctuality is one of the essential qualities for a private driver in Marseille, which is why our drivers always strive to be on time or early to assist you in organizing your journeys.


Fostering discretion and maintaining courtesy in all circumstances are natural qualities at Mon VTC Marseille. Opening your door, loading your luggage, and welcoming you with a smile are also part of our responsibilities.

All distances

Local Routes : Marseille, Cassis, La Ciotat, Aix-en-Provence, Septèmes-les-Vallons, Le Rove, Aubagne, Vitrolles, Bouc-Bel-Air, Cabriès, etc.

Regional Routes : Toulon, Nice, Istres, Gap, Hyères, etc.

National Routes : Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, Valence, Dijon, etc.

On-demand Private driver in Marseille

For all your travels with a private driver in the city of Marseille, you can trust Mon VTC Marseille to take you wherever you desire. We provide all types of transportation services every day, at any hour. Upon reservation, we can also transport you during the night, on holidays, and on Sundays. Our private driver team has been established in Marseille for many years and will be delighted to guide you through this beautiful city.

Your Local private driver Trips in the Marseille Urban Area

Our private drivers are based in Marseille and will take care of all your trips, both locally and nationally. Therefore, you can move quickly and safely in all districts of Marseille, as well as its urban area. In short, we will be your most faithful partner for your daily trips but also punctually according to your needs.

Your Trips of All Distances from Marseille and Bouches-du-Rhône

Need to travel with a private driver from Marseille to Aix-en-Provence, Nice, or Lyon ? We offer you a personalized transport solution with a driver who will take you safely to your destination according to the agreed schedule, whether it’s in Marseille, Cassis, La Ciotat, or any other destination. Furthermore, we offer advantageous and economical rates. So, don’t hesitate to use our transport services from Marseille to travel alone, as a couple, with family, or with friends to your destination.

Airport Transfers

Marseille-Provence airport

Nice Côte d’Azur airport

Toulon Hyères airport

Golfe de Saint-Tropez airport

Avignon Provence airport

Nîmes Alès Camargue Cévennes airport

Private Driver Shuttle Airport Departure/Arrival

Are you planning a flight to Marseille Provence Airport ? Whether it’s for business, personal reasons, or vacation, don’t hesitate to book your private driver shuttle between the airport and the center of Marseille or any destination right now, without any limits. With Mon VTC Marseille, you’ll enjoy numerous advantages.

Driver Available 24/7

Whether you arrive during the day or at night, a driver will always be ready to welcome you. Our private driver company is based in Marseille, just a few kilometers from Marseille-Provence Airport terminals. Therefore, we can quickly deploy to pick you up at the time of your arrival. In case your flight is delayed, no worries, we will wait for you and take you to your destination as planned. Travel stress-free with our private driver team in Marseille.

Economic Transfer

Our second advantage is to transport you with fixed prices and without any additional charges. The rate offered by your private driver company in Marseille includes everything, so you won’t have any additional costs at the end of the journey. Moreover, we can offer flexible rates, allowing us to provide you with the best offer with the best value for money, adapted to the duration and length of your trip.

Station Transfers

Regional Train Stations : Gare TGV de Marseille-Saint-Charles, Gare Aix-Marseille-TGV, Gare de Saint-Antoine, Cassis, La Ciotat, Carry-le-Rouet, Martigues, Gare d’Aix en Provence centre, etc.

National Train Stations : Lyon-Part-Dieu, Nice-ville, Toulon, Hyères, Toulouse-Saint-Roch, etc.

Private Driver Shuttles Marseille Train Station & All Stations

Choosing a private driver for your train station transfers is an efficient solution! Indeed, Mon VTC Marseille is your dedicated transportation company for such requests. We can facilitate your departure or arrival in all train stations in the Bouches-du-Rhône region. Moreover, thanks to our online booking tool, you can know in advance the price of your journey from your home to Marseille-Saint-Charles Station, for example.

Is it necessary to book a driver for a train station transfer ?

To facilitate your journey to or from Marseille-Saint-Charles Station or Saint-Antoine Station, you can book and travel with peace of mind. However, a driver will be available even without a reservation. Regardless of your situation, a private driver near Marseille station will immediately take care of you for all distance trips

What are the advantages of a driver at Marseille Train Station ?

Our private driver service in the Marseille region will adapt to your needs and schedule. A train won’t wait for you, and that’s precisely why we always make sure you arrive early. It’s worth noting that getting to the train station can sometimes be complicated: heavy traffic, parking problems, roadworks, last-minute uncertainties, etc. Therefore, we take all these factors into account to ensure that you won’t miss your connection. Finally, our vehicle is spacious and can accommodate you, your luggage, and your personal belongings.

Port and Beach Transfers

Grand Port Maritime de Marseille

Plage Le Rove

Plage Ensuès-la-Redonne

Plage Carry-le-Rouet

Plage Sausset-les-Pins

Plage Martigues

Plage La Ciotat

Plage Port-de-Bouc

Plage Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Plage Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône

Plage Fos-sur-Mer

Plage Cassis

Plage Salin-de-Giraud


Private Driver Transfer to Ports and Beach Resorts

Whether your plan is to head to one of the beaches along the Mediterranean coast or to take the ferry from the port of Marseille, you’re in the right place. Our private driver company in Marseille handles all your trips with the absolute priority of your comfort and safety in mind.

Your trips to and from the ports

Mon VTC Marseille will accomplish any type of trip according to your request. This is the major advantage of our type of service compared to public transportation. We can thus be your means of private driver transport between the Bouches-du-Rhône and the large port of Marseille. Therefore, we will shuttle to and from all districts of Marseille, Aubagne, Aix-en-Provence, Marignane, or even Cabriès. Our intervention area is wide, so there will be no limit, and we will take you wherever you desire. We can also ensure transfers throughout Marseille and its surroundings during cruise ship stops.

What are the advantages of a VTC to the beaches ?

If you’re on vacation in Marseille, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, or in the Provencal backcountry, you’ll probably want to take a dip at one of the Mediterranean beaches. So, to avoid traffic jams, heavy traffic, and not have to take public transportation, trust a personalized transport service: a private driver based in Marseille. With our service, you can move around peacefully without the worry of parking and the hustle and bustle of vacationers. To make the most of the beaches with your partner, family, or even with colleagues between missions, don’t hesitate to request our services.

Business Transfers

Euroméditerranée in Marseille

Industrial and commercial areas of Aix-Marseille

Étang de Berre Business Zone

Arenas and Sophia

Antipolis District in Nice

Garosud Business Park in Montpellier


Business Transport Service for Professionals

At last, a private driver transport service in Marseille entirely dedicated to the demands of businesses! Our team is fully aware of the stakes of your activity and the need to be flexible and able to react, even at the last minute. Consequently, our driver will behave in the best way to provide you with a private driver transport solution in Marseille and its region that will perfectly adapt to your requirements. We offer two modes of using our services :

On-demand Transport :

Whether you are passing through for a short or medium duration, we will accompany you through every step of your stay. That means we will transport you from point A to point B, over all distances, 24/7, 365 days a year. This service is particularly convenient if you need to travel last minute to any point in the city.

Vehicle Rental with Driver

For a provision of service, you can rent our services for a specific duration, whether it’s for half a day, a full day, or more. To subscribe to our service, we invite you to directly contact our private driver in Marseille, who will provide you with the most suitable solution for your needs, destinations, and number of passengers.


Year-round availability in Marseille

On-demand availability in the Bouches-du-Rhône

Experienced chauffeurs

High-end vehicles

Onboard services

Assured safety

Guaranteed quality

Vehicle with driver for your wedding

As specialists in private passenger transport in Marseille and the Bouches-du-Rhône region, we offer professional service for your wedding. For this service, as well as for all others, we guarantee the competence of our drivers. They are experienced, trained, courteous, and passionate professionals.

Private Drivers for Newlyweds and Guests

If you want to make an impression on your wedding day and ensure the safety of all participants, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer to drive you and your guests on the big day. This is to facilitate the various transfers between hotels, homes, town halls, churches, and various celebration venues. We will be happy to answer all your questions and requests for quotes that you can discuss with us over the phone.

Offer yourself the best for your wedding

The actors and elements contributing to your wedding must be impeccable. That’s why, regarding transportation, we highly recommend the presence of a private driver. In addition to the convenience of this service, you will appreciate its comfort. Indeed, after several hours on your feet, you can enjoy a spacious, comfortable vehicle with numerous onboard services to take you to your next destination in the greatest serenity.

Tourist Routes





Authentic Villages


Tourist Circuits in Provence with driver

Provence is one of the most beautiful regions of France with its warm and dry climate, its lavender fields, and its melodic accent. Mon VTC Marseille will be your driver and guide to discovering this region and its heritage.

If you want to experience an exhilarating and unique adventure in Provence, then order your tourist circuit now. We will take you to explore Marseille and its region in a luxurious, eco-friendly car.

What to visit in Provence ?

Provence will enchant you with its climate, colors, and picturesque villages. In this context, we offer predefined circuits that have already delighted hundreds of visitors. However, if you have specific requests, such as a customized tour, we offer a wide range of destinations. Therefore, we suggest visiting Marseille, as well as iconic places such as the calanques of Cassis and La Ciotat, the French Riviera, Aix-en-Provence, Salon-de-Provence, Toulon, Nice, St-Tropez, and many other notable locations.

The Advantages of a Private Driver in Marseille

Our tourist circuit service is a true alternative to traditional bus tours. Indeed, you will have at your disposal a driver who knows the region perfectly and who will be delighted to show you Marseille & Provence off the beaten track. Moreover, we will conduct visits at your pace, allowing us to stay longer at each location and fully enjoy every moment, every place, and every landscape. It’s worth noting that we will also introduce you to the best gastronomic tables to enhance your experience and tantalize your taste buds. In summary, visiting Provence with a driver and guide on demand will provide you with memorable memories and allow you to fully enjoy your stay !